Groupage / Consolidation

Consolidated transportations - is transportation of small loads of different customers in the same direction on the same vehicle. National transportation can reduce the cost of delivering small HVD cargos.
Precast load - type of cargo for transportation of teams of parties that are completed by piece units and freight volumes. It is a term that referred to loads with a broad product line (usually more than 10 items). Goods comprising cargo, may apply to different commodity groups, and belong to different owners have different requirements for customs clearance.
Creating a modular cargo
A key link in the chain of transportation of cargoes is consolidation of small lots of multiple senders on a special request of the transport company. Consolidation (consolidated) warehouse serves as a starting point for regular transportation of cargoes on the given route. Time of delivery in this case varies depending on the term kosplektatsii Party, following the route of transportation and other factors.
Among the vast array on the market of transport companies and customs brokeov, perform tasks on transportation of cargoes are taken, not all because of the complexity and specificity of the customs legislation, particularly in Russia.
This is due to a large number of positions and each ez these positions has its own requirements in the provision of documents for customs clearance. These loads cause increased emphasis on cross-border customs offices in transit zones and are often subjected to additional checks, which affects the delivery time of the cargo. As a result, the international transport of cargoes is difficult to calculate and sustain the terms of delivery to the final destination.
It is worth noting that a specially trained and highly qualified staff of our company, extensive experience in international transportation and customs formlenie and atkzhe established long-term business relationship with customs clearance organmi greatly simplify the delivery process to the customer. This is evidenced by our worthy mnogoltnyaya reputation.
Our company provides multimodal and intermodal international transport of goods through the terminals in Russia, CIS, Europe, America and South-East Asia. We have consolidation warehouses in Pattaya, Bangkok, Beijing, Guangzhou, Germany, Helsinki, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
Sea cargo carried in containers through the ports of the Baltic Sea (Saint-Petersburg, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia), the Black Sea, as well as through the fishing port and Vostochny port (Maritime Territory).
Cargo delivery from a warehouse of the consignor. We also provide services for the storage and cargo consolidation at our terminals. Issue of cargoes occurs both with our own warehouse and delivered "to the door" of the client.
In most cases, general cargo transported by road. Today, however, also often practiced international transportation of consolidated consignments by means of rail, water and air transport.
The scheme of transportation of cargoes:
1.Transportation of cargo from the shipper's warehouse to the consolidation warehouse for batch picking.
2.Cargo handling at the consolidation warehouse, which may include an additional package, use of containers, processing (if there is no list or invoice, goods received for carriage, this concerns mainly relating to the goods personal belongings), etc.
3.Customs clearance and other documents for the transportation.
4.Delivery consolidated shipment to the port of departure.
5.Sending a modular cargo to the destination country by road, sea, rail or air transport.
6.Customs clearance in the destination country, as well as the documents necessary for the subsequent sale of goods or the use of equipment.
7.Cargo delivery to the address of the recipient (client).
Features groupage
These transportation by road, rail, sea, air transport. Depending on the specific conditions of each transportation of goods, the goods can be sent first to the consolidated warehouse of our company, and only then, in the formation of a common party, is loaded into a vehicle. Upon delivery options are possible, too. The cargo can be delivered either directly to the recipient, and the warehouse of our company in the region. There are the following supply chain: "Door-Warehouse", "Warehouse-Warehouse", "Warehouse-door." About all the nuances of the carriage, the client will consult and clarify our Logistics Specialist. Also, the expert will offer a service for the cargo insurance and, if necessary, will take over the execution of all related documentation.
Basic regulations on transportation of cargoes:
Charter of motor transport (of November 8, 2007 № 259-FZ)
The Law on forwarding activity (dated June 30, 2003 № 87-FZ)
RF Government Resolution dated September 8, 2006 № 554 "On Approval of Rules of forwarding activity"
Order of the RF Ministry of Transport on February 11, 2008 № 23 "On approval of the registration form and forwarding documents.
With the cost and delivery times can be found on our website.

To calculate the combined cargo shipping costs, you can contact our specialists:
Anastasia Tel. + 7922-222-61-31, Oksana tel. + 7922-222-61304; Skype: ksusha19773; nastya.s220
Or send an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need to view it you need JavaScript enabled Javascript is, specifying the name of the cargo, size, weight, number of places, the nature of the goods, its price and the special conditions of transportation, if any.
For regular customers, importing and exporting goods in large volumes, we provide significant discounts. Our company has an individual approach to each client.
We are glad to see you in our company as a customer and as a partner in the field of transportation and customs clearance.



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