Cargo delivery from Thailand

 Currently, many of our compatriots decide to live in Thailand, either temporarily or permanently. Ways of realization of this idea all on your own. Someone has accumulated some capital, the other wants to save it in the UK, and the third just moved in winter to enjoy the climate. In fact, a great variety of options, but all of these options, for the most part, united by one thing - the question the movement of goods into or out of the host country. The nature of the goods can be from personal belongings to commercial interest.
Our company offers its services in the market of international transportation for the past 10 years. Branch office in Thailand has been operating for 3 years with a well-deserved good reputation. Using the experience of working with Russian citizens would like to highlight a number of frequently asked questions regarding the export and import of Thailand.
Which countries and regions covering your activities?
Basically, the work of the Thai office is based on the delivery of goods in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union - Belarus and Kazakhstan. In addition delivery can take place in any other country, but the request of the head office in Russia.
What type of transport carried cargo and in what time frame?
Sending cargo can be any of the customer is a desirable way to aviaotpravka (aircraft) and multimodal (sea + w / d). Timing of the first method of sending depend on cargo consolidation and the date of dispatch. With the consolidation ranges from 1-14 days, without consolidation of 1-3 days. Dates of the second method also depends on the consolidation of cargo shipment in a container. Delivery of cargo from the moment the container is loaded onto the ship from 25 days to 2 months, depending on weather conditions.
What is the cost of delivery of goods in Russia and its regions, and what is included in this price?
It is advisable to start with the answer to the beginning of cargo sampling procedure in Thailand. Currently, the maximum working scheme optimized. If you bought an object and its dimensions or weight, you do not want to take it on a plane, you can just give us a call from any commercial establishment (shop, market, factory) and have our Thai staff will perform all the tasks on the fence of your products. After the delivery of your goods to the warehouse carried out its processing.
Next formed (consolidated) cargo shipment. Shipping cost by air is 15 $ / kg. Shipping cost depends on the multimodal way of customs duty on the product ($ 354 / m3 + customs fees). The price of $ 354 / m3 includes delivery of cargo to the customer's address. If roughly calculate the average goes 8 $ / kg.



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