FEA Outsourcing - Professional service, which allows to transfer non-core functions of your company (foreign trade activities) to service to another company that specializes in this area. A few words about the main benefits of outsourcing work to our company:
FEA Outsourcing is nothing more than a basic business function outsourcing company. By providing a full FEA Outsourcing with the paperwork for the company of the customer or the company - outsourcer, making and signing an international contract, the outsourcer ensures the safety of the entire escort of the transaction from the initial stages to completion. This allows the customer as much as possible to focus on its core development and promotion of the company's main products on the market that will provide a higher level of competitiveness.
Currently, outsourcing is considered to be the most popular service in the field of foreign trade. Companies whose activities are related to the wholesale and retail trade in goods of foreign manufacture or use imported materials and raw materials, have the ability to dramatically optimize your budget.
In the absence of sufficient knowledge and experience, the company first entered the hard way VEDa may face a lot of nuances in registration package permits for importation. The documents vary depending on the product group: a certificate of origin, certificate of quality, texture, confirming the shipment of goods (bill of lading), the export declaration, price list, certified by the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin, the document pricing. Quarantine certificate is needed to verify that the goods (having a vegetable or animal origin) are not infected by viruses and pathogenic bacteria. FEZ and other approvals and the conclusion of the commissions (eg commission on radio frequencies).
On the basis of the documents submitted need to make the Russian certification of imported goods, the right to declare the goods in accordance with the HS classifier.
Features of Russian customs regulations are such that it is constantly changing, you need to keep track of in a timely manner. For example, when an incorrect declaration of goods his customs value will be subject to adjustment, the company has an administrative fine, and goods made to the Intellectual Property Registry and imported to Russia without the permission of the contract holder will be delayed and, at best, be returned to the supplier, and at worst - destroyed.
Practice shows that the refund process with the customs at the CCC (adjustment of customs value) takes 3 to 6 months. This will require the preparation of an expanded package of documents confirming that the goods were imported legally in the Russian Federation, on the actual price of the transaction, and the supplier of the goods at the same time must provide a letter to the Customs conclusive. If payments can not be back on CBS, in which case the agent goes to court and the problem is solved in the court. It is clear that this work takes a lot of effort, time and nerves. Obviously, Autsorging release the Customer from the paperwork, communication with customs inspectors and greatly simplifies life.
In each country there is a licensing system, designed to protect the interests of carriers of the country. you will need a special permit to cross the country's borders. Our company will settle such issues regarding foreign trade and you will always be able to deliver the goods to the desired point of the globe.
FEA Outsourcing can also be useful to companies already operating in the market. Firstly, the work under the agency agreement requires that goods become the property of the agent, remains the property of the Customer throughout the transaction process. This negates the risk of losing goods, in the case of unscrupulous agents. Second, this work allows you to fully concentrate on the business, and all cross-border transactions to provide to solve a company specializing in foreign trade.
The work is built on the basis of a contract under which outsourcing - agent by the Customer, to make the necessary preparations for the conclusion of foreign trade contracts, purchase, insurance of goods, international shipping, certification, customs clearance and delivery of goods to the customer's warehouse. Transferring cargo is usually carried out with supporting documents. For all these services commission, which is usually calculated as a percentage of the cost of purchased goods. The amount of commission depends on the complexity of each specific transaction, the frequency of deliveries, storage operations, the cost of goods on the invoice and other factors. Commission preliminary consent of the parties.
It should be noted that the long-term and regular cooperation with the customs authorities of the same legal entity easier and faster to pass the customs clearance of goods. Therefore, the benefits of mutual cooperation of the goods customers and a steady partner for the purchase in the form of the agent is obvious. This allows the customer to concentrate on core activities for it, thus increasing the profitability of their business.
Clients have the ability to use outsourcing FEA from experienced staff in conducting import transactions to secure a reduction in product costs and accelerate capital turnover.
import organization is based on two schemes: the import of goods to customs clearance for the company - the customer, ie, You are an importer or the importer will make the company outsourcer.
The main activity is the outsourcing of foreign trade activities, offer:
-Full management of foreign trade companies (outsourcing).
-Presentation of the company's interests in the Russian and international exhibitions.
-Search of foreign partners.
-Negotiation and agreement of terms.
-The conclusion of the external economic contract.
-Preliminary calculations of the cost of goods.
-Delivery of goods to Russia.
-Customs clearance.
-The delivery to the warehouse of the customer.
-Supporting documents of the Russian sample.
-Consultations on foreign trade activities. Addressing on the reclamations (short supply, marriage, peresort, a refund to the buyer).
-Fair, transparent work and individual approach to each customer.
Foreign economic activity (FEA) plays an important role in the development of any company that seeks to go beyond the Russian market. If you have decided to develop its foreign trade company, for this you do not have to expand the staff. for this purpose more effectively to hire an external artist - a company specializing in outsourcing of foreign trade activities. Using their knowledge and experience, we are ready to take over all operations - from the search provider abroad and ending with shipment of the goods, cleared for your warehouse. We produce all the necessary operations, and you get the finished result. The cost of outsourcing FEA is a commission artist, calculated over the cost of the foreign trade contract.
Search postavshikov abroad
To date, a huge number of supplier companies operating in the global market. As a result of the development of international economic relations need for direct cooperation with foreign business partners are increasingly coming to the fore and it is becoming a necessity. At the same time there are many difficulties in the way of networking and building effective communication with foreign partners. Our company has a successful experience of cooperation with multiple international partners. Therefore, the fact that someone may seem like an insurmountable obstacle for us - full-time solvable situation. As a rule, for the search provider, you must have not only information about his location (country, region), but also have an idea about the search features and verification of such companies. For example, in China, Thailand and Malaysia can be difficult to determine the final producer of the goods, because in this country has a large number of middlemen-traders. The mediators are trying all possible ways to hide the coordinates of the manufacturer, so as not to lose a client. This can create additional difficulties in the preparation of documents for customs, as well as in the resolution of unusual situations. It is also clear that the manufacturing plant is always lower price, more large-scale range of the warehouse and, usually, more favorable conditions for cooperation. Thus, for an effective search for a suitable supplier requires special knowledge and an integrated approach. Our company specializes in solving such problems. We will go step by step all the way to the first broker to plant, check on the integrity of the supplier and, if desired, arrange your trip abroad to explore the production facilities. Qualified specialists of our company are able to work with foreign partners and know firsthand about all the difficulties encountered, and not only with regard to China and Thailand, and Malaysia. Thanks to the coordinated work of all existing knowledge of foreign languages, and the presence of their representatives abroad, with us it becomes easy and convenient.
Introduction of international negotiations
Each country has its own specifics of doing business due to both cultural characteristics of the country, the traditions of the business community in the region. For example, the tactics of negotiations with partners from the US and Europe is very different from negotiating with representatives of the Asian countries. This circumstance can deliver a lot of trouble in the course of negotiations, as well as the impact on decision-making on the contract. Successful negotiation can be considered such negotiations, as a result of which the parties have found a mutually beneficial terms of cooperation and reached the absolute understanding at the conclusion of the contract, securing these conditions on paper. Our professionals have extensive experience in negotiations with international counterparts and find them with the necessary arrangements.
The conclusion of foreign trade contracts
Foreign trade contract - a single point of focus. Given the complexity of international transactions and the effect of the language barrier, it is necessary to study the conditions carefully. A huge number of the nuances associated with international transfers: constantly changing legislation, the daily exchange rates, exchange controls, customs duties - all this makes each transaction is not only a complex mathematical calculation, and a custom design with more features. To get your goods on time and are of high quality, you must carefully prepare the document and take into account the specifics of international law. Our professionals have extensive experience in the conclusion of foreign trade contracts and legal support of transactions with foreign counterparties. Tied for first place quality and practicality, our staff responsible approach to each contract, reflecting the necessary conditions and minimizing risks.


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